Skyline’s professional services are delivered with great attention to detail.  Clients receive project management that is well-planned, with accurate resource and time allocation.  Documentation of every step is provided to ensure client satisfaction and operational success.

Skyline professional services include:

·         Discovery and Assessment Review fits the needs of municipal and county organizations that need to document existing processes and technology while offering a method to compile and organize future requirements. During this effort, existing documentation and forms will be organized and compiled, presentations of current technology resulting in a final deliverable with a summary analysis of the key issues. The Skyline Team will deliver a written analysis of the findings and recommendations.

·         Simple Diagnostic fits the needs of small businesses and organizations that need to solve problems or address operational issues. Business analysts will spend one day on-site performing a series of pre-determined diagnostics. Skyline will deliver a written analysis of the findings and recommendations.

·         Advanced Diagnostic was developed to fit the needs of small organizations that are growing rapidly, and mid-sized entities with larger operational processes. The focus of Advanced Diagnostic is to review current and proposed processes that are critical to operational success. Skyline business analysts will spend three days on-site performing diagnostic services for up to three current and/or proposed processes, delivering a comprehensive written analysis of findings and recommendations. 

·         Solution Selection assists organizations or businesses outsourcing their software selection process. Skyline documents current and proposed processes and develops a requirements outline to be used to review and make software selections.

·         Application Implementation covers a range of services performed during a successful implementation.

·         Customization Services provide application modifications or customization as needed. Skyline will document required changes and develop the technical specifications to be used as the foundation for programming. Customization is provided on a fixed price basis in two phases. During Phase One the technical specifications are developed. This provides the basis for completing the development work that comprises Phase Two.

·         Report Development provides report development services as needed. Skyline will review and propose a fixed price quote to develop any required custom reports.

·         Data Migration provides data conversion from legacy systems as needed.


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